Tanya Sam Shades The Opportunistic ‘

Tanya Sam Shades The Opportunistic ‘

Viewers of Real Housewives of Atlanta were shocked and disappointed when Kenya Moore hinted at a dinner that she had tea over Tanya Sam’s man, Paul Judge. Tanya addressed the situation and it turns out that the “ Cookie Lady ” is not as innocent as she appears in the series.

Earlier in the season, Cynthia Bailey and Kenya were approached by the owner of a cookie shop, who revealed that Paul chatted with her and bought her drinks when they were somewhere.

Tanya told the story differently on Watch What Happens Live. According to the tech mogul, the woman hit Paul, gave his number and slipped into the judge’s DM – he apparently did not respond.

Sam spoke with TooFab where she explained why she and Kenya would meet soon and called Cookie Lady for her opportunism.

“By that time, we had been through this whole season already, so when you actually see the footage – and you see this woman I thought was a bit opportunistic … she saw a camera and was like,” oh my that so, I want to tell this story ‘- I was crazy because it was like a falsified exaggeration. Now I have the whole story, and I think, “None of this has happened.”

Tanya Sam Shades The Opportunistic ‘Cookie Lady’ That Will Appear On RHOA She then revealed that the woman even had RHOA in her Instagram biography!

“ So I was like, okay, it was obviously a really good platform to display your business, and I think there’s a little disregard for the lives of the people in there, but it was a great platform that worked for her. ”

As for her and Paul, the couple is still together and has no problem of infidelity.

“It’s part of the beauty of having a solid foundation on which you can get on reality TV.”
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