Rob Kardashian’s Video Of Baby Girl Dream

Rob Kardashian’s Video Of Baby Girl Dream

Rob Kardashian was in the spotlight not too long ago when it was announced that he wanted full custody of his granddaughter, Dream Kardashian. In a report, it seems that he also made sure to detail the reasons why he thought it was better for Dream to stay with him.

Rob Kardashian’s Video Of Baby Girl Dream Kardashian Will Make Your Day – Here’s Why Some People Slam Her Dad TMZ knew more about it and revealed some shocking information.

It seems that Rob claimed that his little mom drank excessively, that strangers often party at her house, and more than that, Chyna would use cocaine.

Dream is also said to have copied Chyna’s gestures, including “naked twerks and sexual positions,” according to TMZ news.

Rob went on to say that when Dream returns home after spending time with his mother, her hair, nails and teeth are dirty.

Either way, Rob shared a video starring Dream happy and having the best time, and it will definitely melt your heart.

Many people have referred to the fact that Dream drinks from this bottle and that it is too big for that.

Someone said, “Phew Chili. She swung like Chyna. Having hands must be genetic lol.

A subscriber posted this: “ I knew someone was going to say something about this bottle. It’s time for the goblet, “and one person wrote,” Here are all those who want to raise someone else’s child instead of enjoying the video for its intended use.
Another follower also spoke of this bottle: “Why does she still have a bottle when she is clearly in the middle of a conversation?” and another fan agreed: “Okkkkkk, we’re all here for the kindness of Dreams but not the BOTTLE, it’s time to put this baby up and drink from a cup.” Meanwhile, Chyna shares clips on her social network account, wanting to prove to the world that she leads a healthy life.