Rihanna Sent Her Father A Ventilator

Rihanna Sent Her Father A Ventilator

Rihanna’s dad was wounded with coronavirus and his health became so bad that he said he felt he wouldn’t survive! The singer, however, did everything she could to help, even sending him a respirator.

As you may know, Rihanna’s father lives in Barbados, but while the two live far from each other, the star has found another way to take care of her dad during this health crisis. Rihanna Sent Her Father A Ventilator After COVID-19 Diagnosis – He ‘Thought He Would Die!‘

Of course, he checks on him as often as possible over the phone and even sends him a respirator to help with any breathing problems.

While the father and daughter never had the best relationship, Rihanna proved that she still cared about him and pressured them to be there for her dad in any way he could, while suffering from coronary heart disease.

Returning to the island of Barbados, the man spent at least two weeks at the Paragon Isolation Center, where he has undergone treatment.

Now, he has returned home and during an interview with The Sun, he talked about the scary experience and also mentioned his daughter and her care for him.