Porsha Williams Tells Her Fans That They Will

Porsha Williams Tells Her Fans That They Will

Porsha Williams is doing her best these days to resist all kinds of culinary temptations at home, in quarantine. She told her fans that after eating salad all day, she was no longer able to help herself and the result is shown in the photo below.

“2am, you all left to get me out of quarantine 😩😩😩😩 Ps: I ate salad all day … I tried,” bequeath Porsha in his post.

Marlo Hampton jumped into the comments and said, “I can smell you … I can’t stop eating either” Porsha Williams Tells Her Fans That They Will Have To Roll Her Out Of Quarantine – Check Out The Reason

Someone else said, “ It looks good and it’s ok to overdo it sometimes, you will get it just when the weather is tight. Enjoy being yourself and walking to the beat of your own drums. You look so happy with your family. Continue to be a light so that others are free.

A commenter posted this message: “Girl, I just had a taco of fish, popcorn and M & Ms. I will recover the 95 pounds I lost! I hate it here! I’m going to spend 3 days detoxing myself … next week “and another fan said,” Guuuurl, we’re all in the same boat … but have you ever cut your own hair? I have.’

A subscriber posted: “ It’s good friend, the summer bodies are canceled anyway, have fun. ”

Someone else said, ‘3 !! Slices of pizza and some wings, a margarita and 3 sweet donuts !!! I will start my diet tomorrow.