Learn English until professionalism

Learn English until professionalism

All English courses contain grammar and vocabulary and you can learn and master the English language in your home “remotely” and at your full time.If you are busy and unable to follow the live lesson, you can follow it up and take advantage of the teacher’s explanation without the need for a dedicated time.

All courses have live annotations and are “registered” and the possibility to register at any level is available until the number of students allowed to complete and will show you that registration is closed when you try to join the level … You will be alerted if you can not enter the specified course when you register.

تعلم الانجليزية حتى الاحتراف

You can not register in more than one level at the same time … You can enter the next level if you finish the previous level … All levels are graded and Oxford curriculum global and set a certain schedule, but you can follow the recorder from the lesson in case you can not follow the direct For any circumstances, all contents of the lessons, exercises, assignments and lessons recorded will remain in your account for 3 months from the start date of our course.

English Pace Academy also features in foundation courses for beginners in English and up to 6 levels of “even professional” so that the student can learn English from scratch “alphabet” and without a private teacher (for adults – for children +12) at a very simple cost: (video – exercises – Duties – pdf files).

So that you can dear student learn English to professionalism and you are at home and we establish you in the language through training on the global curricula in language, and what distinguishes learning in our academy is the possibility of distance learning and high flexibility in learning so that you can watch lessons whenever you want and in your spare time and re-watch Lessons several times until you understand the lesson in 100% and exercise and make sure you memorize and understand the language by solving the exercises and duties that exist within your account.

Introductory Level:

The introductory level is suitable for those who do not have any background in English and this level was established recently, the most important focus on this level start the student to practice and listen to the English language frequently It is known that the most important benefit in learning any new language is the skill of listening, is not explained any Rules at this level but focus on memorizing words and practice to pronounce the words and write them correctly so that the teacher to pronounce the words to the students and then the student to repeat them and try to pronounce correctly behind the teacher. As the instructor teaches some sentences of greeting and acquaintance and the curriculum of this level is based on the curriculum of Oxford using the picture technique so that it is easier for the student to memorize the meaning of the word and try to remember it in easier ways than usual … This course is suitable for all who would like to learn English without any background in the language.

Foundation Level:

This level of the alphabet begins in English and the rules of the syllabus are fully explained in the English language. This level distinguishes the amount of rules and information available in the syllabus so that after the course the student can better understand the English sentences and phrases. Sound and correct if you do not have any background in English better start with the previous level “primary level” but you can also start from this level and you have to follow the lessons well and continuously with the teacher so that you do not accumulate information and so j Difficult to approach.

Intermediate level:

At this level you must know the basic grammar in the language or you will not benefit from the course you must know the names and adjectives and verbs and the way the syntax and the past and the present tense and the command and how to form questions and these are all available in the previous levels in English Peace If you have these basic rules you can start at this level And understand the curriculum clearly.

Upper Intermediate Level:

At this level you have to learn a little advanced grammar in order to practice the language fluently and you have to finish the previous level in order to be able to understand this level well.If you have these basic rules you can start at this level and understand the curriculum clearly.

Advanced and Higher Levels:

Advanced rules in these levels are explained by foreign teachers, “American” so you must have the ability to understand the English language without the need for translation is accelerated explanation at each level so that the teacher at the intermediate level to explain slowly and with high level increase the speed Speak in the lesson in order to develop your listening skill with studying advanced grammar at each of these levels.