Efforts to boost and improve

Efforts to boost and improve

JWATER FILTER INDONESIA is a countrywide private firm engaged in normal water filter. In addition to the development of drinking water treatment organization in Philippines, since 98 we give attention to providing companies filter air products for normal water treatment and drinking water guaranteeing markets during Indonesia. Presently we are found in Jakarta (Head Office) and Cab. Surabaya (Branch Office) as features and system standard oprasional. Efforts to boost and improve according to the requirements of global circumstances is certainly one of J-WATER’s determination in every single of it is work to learn a strategic function in the business industry. J-WATER runs on the solid foundation in vision and mission by utilizing Good Commercial Governance relative to global very best practice specifications, and by closing corporate amount that are owned or operated and realized by pretty much all elements: Tidy, Competitive, Self-confident, Customer-focused, and Commercial.

J-WATER establishes five values that may be the following rules:

CLEAN — Professionally maintained, avoiding clashes of interest, protecting trust and integrity. Advised by the guidelines of good commercial governance.
COMPETITIVE – Manage to compete over a regional or perhaps international range, foster expansion, build an expense conscious lifestyle and compensation performance.
CONFIDENT – Be involved in national monetary development and create national take great pride in.
CUSTOMER FOCUS — Customer-oriented and committed to featuring the best in order to customers.
COMMERCIAL – Set up value added which has a commercial positioning, make decisions based on audio business ideas.

To be a private provider no one particular in Philippines is a trustworthy water filtration and allowed to compete across the country and throughout the world.

Featuring water treatment services focused to client satisfaction supported by premium human resources, arranged equipment and cutting-edge strategies

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