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It was a picturesque mid-Autumn evening of 2005 in Mexico City. Falling tree leaves were propelled through the sky by a warm breeze that brought a lazy shower to our neighborhood. The air was filled with both electricity and tranquility – and with drawn-back curtains and admiring eyes, I took in the view from an open window in my computer room.

Attempting to grasp or take control of the positive energy and awareness that was channeling itself through my body that evening would have been fruitless – I was simply along for the ride. While in an almost surreal state-of-mind that is every poker player’s dream, I found myself dominating the online tables at bandar poker Stars in such a manner that motivated some of my opponents to praise the way I was playing.

For 50 minutes, I had scratched, clawed, and re-raised my way to a heads-up confrontation versus a decent player in a 9-handed Sit & Go tournament. Without the benefit of cards, I arrived at this particular heads-up battle with a very slight chip lead. The blinds were 100/200 with 25-chip Ante, and each of us had over 6,500 chips. That’s when “The Hand” happened.

Out of the small blind, I picked up A3 offsuit and immediately bumped it up to 550 and got a quick call from my opponent. Now, it would be a pleasure to tell you that I had a specific plan or idea in mind when I made this raise; but the truth is that it was a purely ‘generic’ pre-flop raise and my opponent’s subsequent call didn’t really provide me with any type of information.

We saw a rainbow flop of 993, and my opponent fired out 700 chips into a pot of 1,150. In most situations I would have probably raised a healthy amount (maybe even pushed all-in) with my baby pair of 3’s. But remember, I was “in the zone”, so I smooth-called his flop bet with the intention of extracting more chips from him on the turn.

Well, the turn came 993, and once again my opponent wasted no time in tossing 2,000 chips into the 2,550 pot. It was at this point when I made a horrible mistake and misplayed my hand… by foolishly cold-calling the turn bet. In my opinion, just about ANY action would have been better than calling at this juncture. But for some reason, I had allowed my emotions to replace common-sense; thus setting up one of the most defining moments in my judi online poker career.

At this point, I was playing the hand blindly, and I knew it. There was no read, no logic, and most importantly, absolutely no positive expectation that could be exploited by playing the hand the way I did. It entered the back of my mind that this would be the end of my current session, regardless of the outcome. I was now more in the mood to enjoy a quiet evening at home instead of playing agen poker online.

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