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Agen Poker Online – Agen Casino Online

One of the most important things to consider when playing multiple games judi online is the type of game you choose to play. Try to avoid mixing up different games among many tables to avoid unnecessary confusion. For instance, playing 7-Stud at two tables and Razz at two others can easily cause too many mistakes. It’s just too simple to inadvertently fold a strong Stud holding because you erroneously thought it was one of the Razz tables suddenly calling for your attention. Even Cash games vs. Tournament games deserve segregation during multi-tabling, as the style of play in each becomes increasingly different as the tournament enters its late stages while the ring game remains the same. In the cash game, you are consistently playing only premium hands, while the last few rounds of, say, a Sit and Go require much more aggression with a wider range of hands as the table gets short-handed and the blinds become more valuable. The same K9 you might normally push with in tournament play to steal the blinds could be folded by accident if you mistakenly think it’s the cash game that comes to the front of your screen asking for your decision. Throw in a HORSE table or two, and you can really go nuts keeping track of which game you’re on when the action at each table reaches you. Playing the same game at every table will enable you to get into a rhythm and improve your concentration.

In addition to keeping the games to just one type, also consider whether or not the game itself is appropriate for purposes of multi-tabling. Given the number of decisions you will have to make very quickly, you would much rather be playing a more “robotic” game of judi online poker, where your subconscious can take over without sacrificing too much in the way of creativity. Games where you can apply a set “autopilot” strategy requiring less critical decisions are preferable for multi-tabling. Such games might include “low” or “micro” stakes NL cash games (where one mistake won’t be catastrophic to your bankroll), or the fast level Sit and Go. In the small NL cash games, steady profits can still be earned by donning blinders and playing only premium hands fast bandar poker. In the “Turbo Sit and Go”, you can also play a bit more “mindlessly” with a common sense, straightforward plan of – “tight early” and “aggressive late”. In both these examples, you will be facing fewer “marginal” decisions based on a quicker multi-tabling strategic criterion.

On the other hand, high(er) Limit cash games might require the application of some basic math (odds-figuring) during a hand, a halfway decent knowledge of your opponents, and more awareness of what is going on at the table even while you are not involved in a hand. Similarly, large MTTs warrant even more attention as the event evolves, blinds increase, players come and go, etc. Results in these types of game situations may suffer dramatically while multi-tabling.

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